Exterior view of the Central Hotel Panama in the daylight

Central History

Central Hotel Panamá was built nearly 150 years ago in the heart of Panama City, facing the beautiful Plaza de la Independencia in Casco Antiguo (Old Town). It was the first hotel in the country at the time of its opening in 1874 and quickly became a meeting place for intrepid travelers. Our clientele has included the French builders who constructed the Panama Canal, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and Count Ferdinand de Lesseps. By the turn of the century, the hotel was recognized as the finest in Panama, and its reputation for high-style European and American services was known throughout the western hemisphere. 

An old portrait of Central Hotel Panama

Featuring a unique French-influenced design, Central Hotel Panamá is one of many historic buildings recognized by UNESCO for its architectural significance within the Casco Antiguo – a designated World Heritage Site in Panama City. The hotel recently underwent full renovations, including meticulous work to preserve the façade and original structure. The finished property creates a sense of historic luxury that can only be experienced first-hand. 

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