Panama city view from Central Hotel Panama


Step back in time at Central Hotel, where the story of Panama’s history lies right outside your door. Whether you’re interested in Panama City’s vibrant nightlife, cultural treasures or beautiful churches, our exceptional downtown address is perfect for discovering all the top attractions. 

Central Hotel’s landmark property is situated on the Plaza de la Independencia in the center of the Old Town – a World Heritage Site known for its unusual mixture of Spanish, French and early American architecture. Located just moments from the Presidential Palace and Panama Canal Museum, Central Hotel Panamá provides unprecedented access to Casco Antiguo’s historic sites. 

Live the real Panama at Central Hotel. 

Exterior façade view of the Presidential Palace in Panama

Presidential Palace (Palacio De Las Garzas)

Palacio de Las Garzas is the official residence of the President of Panama. It was named after resident African herons, which were brought as a gift in 1922 following final renovations of the palace under President Belisario Porras.

An aerial View of the Canal Museum near Central Hotel Panama

Canal Museum

The Panama Canal Museum is located in a beautifully restored building that dates back to 1874. It was originally used as the office of the French Canal Company and the U.S. Isthmian Canal Commission.

Ruins of the Las Bovedas Monument near Central Hotel Panama

Las Bóvedas Monument

Las Bóvedas (Spanish for “the vaults”) were originally formed as part of a fortification wall around Casco Viejo that created a border around Plaza Francia.

Interior view of the National Theater near Central Hotel Panama

National Theater (Teatro Nacional)

The National Theater was inaugurated in 1908 and stands on the site of an 18th century monastery. When it was first opened, the theater enjoyed fame as a glamorous destination for the city's elite.

Interior of Iglesia San Francisco De Asis near Hotel Panama

Iglesia Santo Domingo & The Flat Arch (Arco Chato)

Originally constructed in the 17th century, the church and convent of Santo Domingo were never rebuilt after a fire that destroyed them in 1756.

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Paseo Esteban Huertas Promenade

Dedicated to the Colombian general who played a key role in Panama’s separation from Colombia, this promenade is the perfect place for an afternoon stroll in Casco Viejo.

Plaza Francia monument near Central Hotel Panama

Plaza Francia

Designed by Leonardo de Villanueva, Plaza Francia originally served as the main square of the walled city.

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Casa Góngora

Casa Góngora is one of the oldest houses in Panama and the last surviving example of 17th century domestic colonial architecture in Panama City.

Interior of Iglesia San Francisco De Asis near Hotel Panama

Iglesia San Francisco De Asis

Iglesia San Francisco de Asis is one of the smallest, but most ornate, churches in Casco Viejo. It sits across the street from the National Theater on Plaza Bolivar.

Entrance of Catedral Metropolitana near Central Hotel Panama

Catedral Metropolitana

One of the largest cathedrals in Central America, the magnificent Catedral de Panamá was completed in 1796 and practically abandoned until a major renovation in 2003.

Plaza Francia monument near Central Hotel Panama

Plaza Herrera

Plaza Herrera sits on the edge of the more gentrified area of Casco Viejo. The surrounding buildings, many of which originally served as large residences, have beautiful facades but stand in disrepair.

Façade of the History Museum near Central Hotel Panama

History Museum of Panama

Located on the second floor of the Municipal Palace building, the Museum of History presents documents, artifacts, paintings, sculptures and pieces from throughout Panama's history. You are certain to leave with a better understanding of Panama and its past.

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Antiguo Club Union

Once the playground for Manuel Noriega and the Panamanian elite, this amazing structure fell into disrepair in recent years thanks to neglect and a military invasion.

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The Old Town of Ciudad Panama

Panama City’s Old Town, or Casco Viejo, was founded in 1519 and is the oldest European settlement on the Pacific Coast of the Americas.

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The Panama Canal

Opened in 1914, the Panama Canal stretches 48 miles and connects the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The Central Hotel is a 15-minute drive from the famous Miraflores Locks, a popular spot to view passing ships.